Andrew White's 3rd floor bedroom is strewn with musical instruments. The variety of sound equipment suggests a band and sound team. But, except for the vocal harmonies of his sister, he is a one-man act. Trained in percussion, his early talent for rhythm now lends a lot of danceable energy to his music. Smeared across the spectrum of musical genres, Andrew’s songs retain an inventive, improvisational quality. He is moved by stories, and people, frail and brave alike. 


Bred more wandering than by his native Ohio, Andrew White weaves pop-folk tune-stories that feature enough personalities to populate a small town. Armed with his sister's haunting falsetto, he renders scenes and stories of staggering emotional variety. His multi-instrumental blends of the ordinary and supernatural provoke the thinking mind as much as it will the dancing feet. 

Here are a few compilation albums, blogs, and websites that Andrew has been featured on:

-Mercedes-Benz Mixed Tape

-The Blue Indian

-Indie Cassette Player

-Substantial Music